Sad Iron & Kamikaze Kings (DE)


Location:Den Helder, Nederland

Venue:Café De Engel

KAMIKAZE KINGS, Germany’s No 1 Pornrockband, fight hard, rock hard and play hard.

The unstoppable Rock ‘n’ Roll force from Berlin is a live act unlike anything you have ever seen before. The sheer power that emerges from the band’s charisma makes every crowd go crazy right away, as seen at this year’s WACKEN Open Air, Metal Bash Festival, Dong Open Air Fete de la Musique, Neuborn Open Air and NBG Trash Wrestling, just to name a few memorable occasions of true Pornrock Extravaganza.
The debut album The Law earned them worldwide attention by Rock fans and international media. The singles “Boys ‘n’ Men” and “Fat Slut” are the favorite tracks of many Metal Djs to get a wild night going.

KAMIKAZE KINGS have come to stay all the way. Witness the triumph of the Berlin based Rock giants! Get ready to celebrate the true spirit that keeps us all alive and going: Rock ‘n’ Roll!

Fronted by Wrestling champ Elmo Kamikaze the Berlin based Band gives the Metal world a fresh injection of Adrenaline, Sex and Glamor. The band´s drummer, Mister Rais Kamikaze, is the one only Wolverine of the Rock ‘n’ Roll business and he starred alongside the band in a legendary TV commercial for an refresher that aired in Italy and Spain featuring the band’s Party Smasher “Satuday Night Hero”. How much more Metal can you KAMIKAZE KINGS got balls. No doubt, this band believes in Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rock, Metal and unity and knows how to rule the stage and stand their ground.

KAMIKAZE KINGS impress, entertain, shock, and some they may disgust but above all: KAMIKAZE KINGS rock!