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For Metal To Battle Tour 2017

The Thunder Warriors Wizard are back with their new great album ’Fallen Kings’ which is released in June 2017 via Massacre records. Now it is time to present this masterpiece live and they specially wanted to kick some ass with you all In Groningen. So don’t disappoint them and join them like real Metal Warriors.

For Steel Shock it’s a real party this tour because their first album ‘For Metal to Battle’ will be officialy released at 7 September via Alone Records from Greece. In Groningen the band will have their official Releaseparty. Also it is the first tour for the band, so enough reason to have a great party together…. So, Let’s Shock some Fuckin’ Steel.

Sad Iron founded in 1979 and was one the first speed metal bands in The Netherlands and Witnessed the birth of the New Wave Of Dutch Heavy Metal. Their albums ‘Total Damnation’ and the finally released album ‘The Antichrist’ are full of speed and highly recommended by the fans.

Wizard, Steel Shock & Sad Iron will kick some ass this night you won’t forget easily.

We hope to see you all…

In Metal we trust