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You can now listen to Sad Iron on Spotify, ITunes and Deezer! Make sure you add us to your playlists and follow us so we can keep you updated when we have new music! Play Sad Iron whenever you are feeling down, happy, during your beer drinking or workout, listen[…]

Onlangs bracht The Charm The Fury een nieuw album uit getiteld “The Sick, Dumb & Happy”, wat door Aardschok Magazine tot “een van de beste Nederlandse metalplaten ooit gemaakt” werd bestempeld. Er werd een uitgebreid tourschema aangekondigd met internationale festivals, van de Verenigde Staten tot Finland. Nederland wordt uiteraard niet[…]

HEADBANGERS OPGELET!! Death Valley presenteert “Dutch Steel Attack” met Sad Iron, Vortex en Chainsaw in Everland, Wognum!! Op vrijdag de 13e !! oktober staat het podium van Death Valley’s 4e editie klaar voor de grondleggers van de Hollandsche metal scene. De Hoornse heavy metal band Sad Iron is in 1979[…]

WIZARD – STEEL SHOCK – SAD IRON For Metal To Battle Tour 2017 The Thunder Warriors Wizard are back with their new great album ’Fallen Kings’ which is released in June 2017 via Massacre records. Now it is time to present this masterpiece live and they specially wanted to kick[…]

Sad Iron will be the support for the mighty Tokyo Blade at Musicon The Hague!! We are super excited to play with these guys. It is a true honor! Check out the event here or on Facebook

Only a few days sleep and then Sad Iron will kick some serious ass @ De Meester with our friends Vortex and Chainsaw!! We can’t wait to get on stage again and rock our asses off! Be there! Get your tickets here!

The news has come to us that only a few copies are left of the “The Antichrist” vinyl issue! That means that almost all of the 500 copies where sold within a year! Of course that is great news, but not if you don’t have it yet! So get your[…]

The in 1985 recorded album The Antichrist which has been released earlier this year (2016) on vinyl for a limited amount (500 pc) is now available on CD!! That’s great news for those who are still stuck in the digital age (hè hè), from 23 Sept. 2016 on The Antichrist[…]